The apartment of Graham Hill

Imagen del apartamento de Graham Hill en proceso de construcción.

Imagen del apartamento de Graham Hill en proceso de construcción.

Graham Hill is a Canadian millionaire and passionate about everything that’s small, mobile, collapsible and folding (see my previous entre, “A green and frugal look”).

Today I want to celebrate his apartment in New York’s Soho: 420 ft², 2 guest beds, table for 10, kitchen with gadgets for events and space to store almost anything.

How did he do it?

The idea is to configure the space resulting from the intersection of his different sets of needs; the place of the least common multiple of his domestic universe.

The plan is simple: to convert walls into containers, some of which must be movable, and to make all furniture either collapsible or folding.

It’s amazing how such a simple idea can differ so much from the way homes are typically designed; we continue to apply naturally the ratio of one room for each activity, neglecting our diversity and the desire to do in our homes more than eat, sleep and watch TV.

Leaving aside the fact that the vast majority of us only have access to small houses, would it be reasonable for a house for 3 people with 3 hobbies each (e.g. yoga, reading and cinema) to add 9 rooms to the usual bedrooms?

That’s the point.

By the way, the apartment is on sale for $1 million, anyone interested?


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