The apartment of Gary Chang

Imagen de Gary Chang en su apartamento, cuando está en "modo" hamaca.

Imagen de Gary Chang en su apartamento, cuando está en “modo” hamaca.

Gary Chang is an architect, founder of Edge Design Instiute office and resident of Hong Kong, where he has lived in the same apartment of 32 m2 the past 30 years; at first sharing with his parents and three younger sisters, now living alone.

30 years to overcome 32 m²; was an exercise in realism and practicality that have nothing to do with the happy idea or the capricious game, that has documented in his book: My 32m Square Apartment: a 30-Year Transformation.

Tired of living his life in a corridor, he decided to find a way to enjoy a kitchen, library, laundry, dressing room, bar, cinema, hammock … 3,000 cd and a spa with tub and shower with color therapy and massage.

Sliding walls and folding furniture are the keys today, to find space where it seemed did not exit; we don’t know if Gary Chang will be considered the inventor of this solution but his apartment is a reference in the field and deserved reports in the media, including the New York Times.

As Gary Chang says: “The idea is to design your home that you really want instead of being subdued by the market or by the allocation of space.”

It seems to me the crux of the matter, not resigned to the idea that a small apartment limits the richness of our lives; the problem is that architects are not putting much thought into these factors.

He summarized with his slogan: “smaller space needs bigger thinking”; that would be like: small spaces require more thought.



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