Between furniture and architecture

The Floyd Leg

The Floyd Leg

These pieces of metal are nothing by themselves. They are not useful individually, but together and fastened to a flat object, they become a table. Moreover, they offer the ability to create as many different tables as flat surfaces you can find. They are, in this case, the essence of the table, an essence that you can take in a bag. They are a piece of furniture and a building process.

I think these guys from Detroit have come up with a beautiful project. Because of the simplicity of the proposal, the true utility of their invention, the added value to recycling, the fresh marketing, the use of crowdfunding and the (much needed) devotion to their home city.

A piece of furniture, as the word itself indicates*, is something that can be moved. If house walls could be moved, offering the same features to sit, to sleep, serve lunch… wouldn’t they be like furniture?

Japanese design office Studio_01 created this conceptual proposal in which walls are themselves furniture or contain it. Space changes by moving elements, thus rendering in a room solutions to the various uses of a home.barcode_room_planBut if furniture is not moved it almost ceases to be furniture and could be designed and built as part of a whole.

Japanese architecture studio Tato Architects designed a house which plays with the idea of furniture, with limits between one thing and another.

The objects inside have the look and features of furniture but they are, at the same time, parts of what is traditionally considered architecture. They are both. It’s a kind of furniture-house with very little furniture.

Technological development in industrial manufacturing for construction and furniture is bridging the gap between these two worlds.

It seems that soon we will be able to design our house online and then press the button that turns on the laser that will obtain, from the same wood parts, everything that constitutes a house, from walls to furniture.

A day when our homes will be more continuous, more homogenous as a whole.

* The root of the Spanish word “mueble” (piece of furniture) means ‘movable’.

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